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The LifeStrive - TrendShift® Difference

LifeStrive-TrendShift® delivers a superior solution to a primary problem faced by every employer and employee in America. This problem diminishes the nation‘s economic strength and impacts both the quality of life and the standard of living for its citizens. The problem is escalating medical expenses.

The LifeStrive-TrendShift® system is the infrastructure and leadership required to promote health, mitigate risk and limit medical expenses. It provides the "missing link" in today‘s healthcare and medical management systems, a genre of healthcare that compliments and streamlines the best of medical care. This new genre of healthcare is increasingly referenced as Collective Collaborative Healthcare.

Proprietary web-based systems enable the requisite Data-Directed Health and Risk Trend Management in ways not previously available. It represents government and employer groups‘ best opportunity to shift health risk and expense trends favorably. It does so without placing new demands on human or capital resources. In fact, TrendShift® capital management programs markedly reduce financial pressures and free up funds to reduce future liabilities...

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